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Reptile Ready

Oak Leaf Litter (Sanitized)

Oak Leaf Litter (Sanitized)

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Reptile Ready Oak Leaf Litter plays an important role in bioactive enclosures. Leaf litter provides hiding places for isopods, springtails, and animals. Leaf litter mimics the role of decaying plant matter in nature and adds nutrients back into the soil as it slowly decays.

One package contains approximately 6 litres of sanitized Canadian oak leaves. Provides adequate coverage of approximately 36 x 18" / 91 x 45cm.

We also offer unsanitized oak leaf litter for a lower price.


  • Provides hiding places for your animals
  • Attractive visual barrier
  • Provides nutrients to the soil and supports plant life
  • Replicates the animal’s natural environment, encouraging behaviour such as burrowing, digging, and egg laying.
  • Supports a naturalistic environment.
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