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Reptile Ready

Clay Pebbles (Clay Balls/LECA/Expanded Clay Pebbles)

Clay Pebbles (Clay Balls/LECA/Expanded Clay Pebbles)

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Reptile Ready Clay Pebbles are the ideal drainage layer for your bioactive enclosure. Clay pebbles are used as a base layer underneath substrate to create an underground water table. Excellent for live plant growth. Can also be used as a filtration medium for water features.

Recommended to use with a mesh barrier, learn more about substrate layers here.

One bag contains approximately 6 litres of clay balls.


  • Reusable
  • Supports plant life
  • Allows excess water to drain and not saturate your substrate while still contributing to humidity levels
  • Provides an excellent environment for microfauna such as springtails
  • Eco-friendly - it is made from clay and is inert and non-toxic
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