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Reptile Ready

Arid Mix Substrate

Arid Mix Substrate

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Reptile Ready Arid Mix is the ideal substrate for your desert or arid bioactive enclosure. This unique blend of ingredients is designed to maintain a low level of humidity while still maintaining an environment suitable for springtails, isopods, and live plants. This substrate contains beneficial organic plant compost to support plant life.

Change the substrate as it begins to break down (this process takes months). This bioactive substrate contains decayed and organic plant matter; it is designed to support plants and fungi which is an indicator of a healthy environment.

One bag contains approximately 6 litres of substrate.


  • Bioactive enclosures stay cleaner longer due to the ability to host a clean-up crew.
  • Less frequent substrate changes results in less stress on your animals and saves you money.
  • Replicates the animal’s natural environment, encouraging behaviour such as burrowing, digging, and egg laying.
  • More attractive than traditional substrates.
  • Supports plant life.
  • Supports a naturalistic environment.

Recommended animals:

  • Leopard gecko
  • Bearded dragon
  • Sudan plated lizard
  • Fat-tail geckos
  • Semi-arid monitors
  • Uromastyx
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