"We'll get you... Reptile Ready"

Our Story

Reptile Ready began in 2022 when founder Morgan grew tired of over-priced and low quality substrates for the animals at Ontario Reptile Rescue.

Our Mission

Reptile Ready is dedicated to creating quality products that provide the best life for your pets. All of our products are designed by reptile lovers, for reptile lovers. Our products are specifically created to sustain a bioactive environment.

Benefit #1

Bioactive enclosures stay cleaner longer due to the ability to host a clean-up crew and break down waste.

Benefit #2

Less frequent substrate changes results in less stress on your animals, and it also saves you money.

Benefit #3

Replicates the animal's natural environment and encourages behaviour such as burrowing, digging, and egg laying.

Benefit #4

More attractive than traditional substrates. Provides a rich environment for plants and microfauna.

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